Mentors support Play for Peace programming in their community. Mentors include; teachers, social workers, school psychologists, community leaders and anyone passionate about working with children, supporting youth leadership, promoting learning through cooperation, inclusion, caring and fun. 

Mentors have agreed to uphold the spirit of Play for Peace in all Play for Peace activities and share at least 4 experiences a year of Play for Peace activities with the Global Learning Community. They must be at least 21 years of age. A mentor can lead a group of youth facilitators to create a Play for Peace Club, more than one Play for Peace Club or lead Play for Peace activities themselves.

Initial Mentor and Youth Facilitator training is in-person and must be completed prior to this 1-hour, by appointment only, on-line class. During this class you will learn to access the resources and materials available to Play for Peace Mentors world-wide.

How to Become a Mentor

Initial mentor and youth facilitator training takes a minimum of 8 hours total (preferably a 30- 40 process) and accessible pricing varies by location. Once mentor and youth received an in-person Play for Peace Training, they are eligible to apply to register as a Mentor/Play for Peace Club in their community/school. Then, Play for Peace Global will contact the recommended mentor and provide them online help to run their Play for Peace club, be a part of mentor community and access mentor material.

Application Process

Once training is completed by a Play for Peace Certified Trainer, Mentors must apply for membership here. Global staff will notify the club/mentor by sending a confirmation of registration email and set up a day/time for mentor online training.

Play for Peace will then request the Mentor Agreement, then an electronic Mentor Certificate is emailed. Mentor Membership is then granted and a Welcome Packet is sent. Play for Peace will include new member in all the Mentor Community communications at this point.

How are Mentors Supported in Ongoing Learning?

Online Workshops

On the 15th of every month we offer training on various related topics, you will be contacted with times and themes.

Monthly Mentor Newsletter

On the 1st of the month, all mentors and trainers receive an email with upcoming events, news and announcements.

Internal Resource Library

These webpages house all documents, graphics and other informational, promotional or educational files you made need.

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