Play for Peace is a dynamic learning community that brings children, youth and adults together through the use of cooperative play to create laughter, compassion and peace. The following training, workshops and certification are available to our global community and the public in order to ensure that the spirit of Play for Peace, as well as the model and methodology are upheld to the highest quality in every location that implements Play for Peace activities.

Orientation Class
Learn more about Play for Peace, the programs we run, and the courses we have available. Participation in this 20 minute call is a requirement prior to applying to any Play for Peace course. Orientation is offered by appointment only. 

    Play for Peace Mentor Orientation Class

Mentors are members of a global community who use their skills to promote peace, social justice and youth leadership. Play for Peace Mentors introduce others to the Play for Peace model, methodology and community. They mentor youth facilitators or lead at least 4 Play for Peace activities a year themselves. This 2-hour class is open to adults over 21 years of age who have been approved by Play for Peace Global or by a Play for Peace Trainer and have a proven record of promoting youth leadership, an interest in experiential education and cooperative play.

Play for Peace Trainer Certification Course

Play for Peace Trainer Certification is a process that leads to membership in our global community of experiential education trainers who use their skills to promote peace in their community and around the world. It is also a document stating that Play for Peace evaluated your skills and knowledge as appropriate to train and introduce others to the Play for Peace model, methodology and community. Specifically, you will be qualified to train a new group of youth to become an active Play for Peace Club. Only trainers with 3-5 years experience facilitating cooperative play are accepted to this 8-hour online certification course.