Play for Peace is a global learning community dedicated to bringing together children, youth and organizations using cooperative play to create laughter, compassion and peace around the world. We focus on communities that would benefit from increased youth leadership, cultural awareness and bullying or violence prevention programs.

What is Play for Peace training?

By the end of the initial Play for Peace training: your youth leaders will able to facilitate basic cooperative play, your group will be more cooperative, caring and inclusive and your organization will be connected to peace-builders around the world for learning, cultural exchange and inspiration.

Play for Peace Certified Trainers provide four levels of training; Level 1-The Joy of Play, Level 2-Facilitation Skills, Level 3-Community Action Skills, and Level 4-Advanced Skills and Knowledge (in development).

Training duration

Our initial training (Level 1 & 2) takes a minimum of 8 hours to cover basic content; however, your trainer will identify the level of skill and readiness of your group prior to training and recommend a training schedule appropriate for you. Most groups prefer to receive their initial Play for Peace training in at least 10-16 hours over a weekend or in shorter sessions throughout the year. Full Level 1-3 can take up to 30-40 hours split up in various sessions throughout the year.

Who are Play for Peace Certified trainers?

We have a community of trainers around the world who are eligible to conduct trainings based on their vast experience in both the methodology and our organization's philosophy. If you are not located in a region with a trainer, we have many trainers who are available to travel; however, travel costs may need to be covered. See the list of our trainers here.

Imroz Shah,
Nov 21, 2013, 2:48 PM