Certified Trainer Profiles

Name - Jennifer de Rose
Country – China
"What excites me about Play for Peace is that it becomes part of communities by empowering youth through ongoing training programs that teach them to facilitate the art of play for other children within their own community. With this approach youth gain essential life skills and are provided with an opportunity to create the change they wish to see in their own lives and surrounding environments. Play for Peace is a pro-active approach to instilling peace and more over encourages youth to learn from conflict and come up with solutions to resolve issues. Allowing youth and children to experience the joys of cooperation can empower them with the ability to make more conscious decisions, encourage them to be more aware of the choices they make and demonstrate how their actions are connected to those around them. There is so much that can be learned and achieved through play, more than can be measured but one can admire the magic of fun through all of the smiles and laughter – this is the true spirit in Play for Peace for me."

Name - Imroz Shah

Country - Washington State, USA               

Profession - Play for Peace club coordinator and trainer

Language - English, Hindi, Urdu and can read Arabic and speak little Spanish.

Currently working as a coordinator, Play for Peace. Most recently, I worked as a youth program coordinator at Global Youth Leadership Institute for 2 years in Milwaukee, WI and I was Intern at Waskowitz Outdoor School in North Bend, WA for 6 Months. I have been involved working with Play for Peace for the past 11 years. My travel include India, Andaman & Nicobar Islands, Pakistan, Cambodia, Nepal, South Korea and USA to work with organizations, schools, teachers, youth and children, especially in areas of people and communities living in conflict, covering major issues such as Collaborative leadership, Peace education, Interfaith, environmental sustainability, youth and community development.   My PFP journey from youth facilitator to a trainer was incredible. I got fascinated with PFP activities and methods right from my first training. It was my first ever experience of non-competitive activities and feeling no fear of losing. As a teen when I started playing with children, I gained respect, appreciation and self-confidence, which propelled me to become an achiever.

Why PFP - My PFP journey from youth facilitator to a trainer was incredible. I got fascinated with PFP activities and methods right from my first training in 2000. It was my first ever experience of non-competitive activities and no fear of losing. As a teen when I started playing with children, I gained respect, appreciation and self-confidence and as an adult it helped me see the unbelievable result of equality, cooperation and trust by just playing. These experiences propelled me to become an achiever in long term. You can say i am a model of PFP transformation.

Name - Kathryn Kylee

Country - India, South East Asia

Profession - Experiential Education trainer, team builder, conflict resolution

Language - English          

Kathryn Kylee is an International Certified Life Coach (CPCC, ACC),   a Global Certified Experiential Trainer with Play for Peace, and is trained in Disadvantaged Early Child Development issues.  She is also trained in using Experiential Learning Modalities  (including games, activities, art-based  mediums) for the education of Life Skills,  Problem Solving,  Empowerment and Self Awareness,  Non-Violent Communication Skills,  Conflict Resolution,  Team Building, and Leadership Development, and bringing diverse groups together to create peaceful interactions and better understanding of each other.  Experiential Learning Modalities is a new and growing  trend to help foster learning at a faster and deeper level.  Kathryn is experienced with working in particular with disadvantaged youth to support them through educational programs that help them become empowered to make positive changes in their lives and to become more productive citizens.  She  conducts Train the Trainer programs to develop adolescents as Leaders in their communities with a concentration to expand this through youth empowerment programs, as well as work with adults in organizations wanting to duplicate this type of work.  In addition, Kathryn develops educational and training programs to specifically meet the needs of the group that she is serving.

Name - Jeff Fifield          

Country - Guatemala     

Profession - Curriculum Facilitator at Colegio Maya de Guatemala, Experimental activities, ropes course.

Language - Spanish and English 

Originally being from Vermont, Jeff found his home in Guatemala, where he´s lived ever since he came in 1986 with the Peace Corps, with the exception of a one-year escape to Taiwan in 1995. Over the last 25 years Jeff has been working with experimental education, leading adventure Leadership classes, facilitating team building activities, establishing a ropes course in Guatemala and using sports games for community building.  Jeff has been associated with Play for Peace for the last 15 years of his life and is willing to bring Play for Peace forward in Central America.

Why PFP - "In the current work that I do at my school, cultural diversity is the expected norm that is cultivated throughout and with which I have played an instrumental part in instilling in our school culture. I see the ingredients of fun and play being so universal to allow for the inroads to be made into many communities and issues inherent to the communities."

Name - Katrin Huenemoerder  

Country - Guatemala     

Profession - Activities Coordinator at Colegio Interamericano de Guatemala, journalist, trainer for project management and intercultural learning     

Language - German, English, Spanish, Russian   

When I was 12 years old, Neonazies burned a building where Asian immigrants lived, practically in front of my eyes in my home town. That´s when I became an activist. First in the anti-racism movement in Germany, where I´m from. Later I volunteered for the youth press and youth participation movement in Germany and in Europe, teaching journalism to young people as a tool to express themselves and participate in society. I was one of the founders of the European Youth Press, a network that today covers more than 50.000 young journalists in Europe. For 14 years now I´ve worked as a trainer in different organizations and institutions, with a specialty in media and advocacy work. Highlights were my work for Doctors without borders for the "International Access to essential drugs" campaign and the establishment of a youth parliament in Kabul, Afghanistan. Today I live with my Costa Rican husband and my two kids in Guatemala, modeling intercultural understanding as a living example, dedicating my time to Play for Peace in Central America and the world.

Why PFP - What´s more important than peace? As a mother of two kids, living in one of the most dangerous areas in the world (according to the UN, Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras are one of the most dangerous areas in the world where there is no ongoing war), peace in communities and empathy and trust between its people is the basis for any development. But sometimes barriers are so deep, hatred is ancient, and fear is so overwhelming, that talking is not the right tool to overcome it. But starting a game in the street, with a couple of kids stumpeling by, laughing, then attracting others, maybe cautious at first, embarrassed, but slowly enjoying themselves...can be a start for more. Play for Peace can start a communication, just by engaging people into laughing with each other. How powerful! And how satisfactory, having the privilege to be part of this start.

Name - Justin McGlamery

Country - Connecticut, USA        

Profession - Adventure Education expert            

Language - English

"I was originally turned on to adventure and experiential education as a teenager as part of a Project Adventure program at a school. I fell in love with it! The activities were fun and meaningful, but with a sense of adventure that spoke to my nature. As an older professional, I was re-introduced to it when a colleague decided to start an adventure program here at Saint Joseph College and asked me to help him with it because I would be great at it. Now, eleven years later, I have him to thank for redirecting my career path and intertwining it with my life path, weaving my need to do meaningful and impactful work with things that I love to do and that help people to learn more about themselves and others. I have worked with groups of all types using the experiential and adventure education models, and in a variety of settings. In planning and implementing half-day programs to semester or year-long programs for groups ranging from middle and high-school aged children in a school setting, to middle school aged kids in a camp setting, to college students in a higher ed setting, to corporate groups, the model does not change too significantly. The language and metaphor we use may change and the desired outcomes indicated may differ, but as Plato said, “You can learn more about a person in an hour of play than in a lifetime of work”. We all stand to learn so much about each other through play! Additionally, I teach coursework using the experiential and adventure education models, as well as provide teacher trainings and conference presentations and workshops using this modality."      

Why PFP - "Play for Peace, at its core, seems to align very closely with my core values and beliefs: that all people can live harmoniously and learn from one another through the joy of play. Play is the great equalizer. When we play, we don’t see age, color, or gender per se, we are immersed in the moment, and in those moments lie rich teaching and learning opportunities for all involved. Understanding and utilizing the experiential learning cycle enriches these learning opportunities

through reflection and application of “aha moments” discovered through play, to other areas of the play participant’s lives. This is where the power of this type of learning resides. Play by itself is a beautiful thing, but when enriched through intentional reflection, players become emotionally engaged in the lessons learnedand with the people with whom they’ve learned and played with.

The Play For Peace model of training youth to be facilitators is a brilliant one. For one, it empowers youth, giving them leadership, facilitation, activism and public speaking skills that will help them grow into confident adults. It also provides an opportunity for them to shine now, as youth leaders and role models. This ensures that the younger participants in play days can engage with other youth that they can aspire to be like, leading to sustainability of the Play For Peace clubs, like sowing the seeds each year for a new crop of young facilitators to grow out of this garden of peaceful young people effecting positive change in their local communities and in our global village."

Name - Jeff Albin

Country - Washington, USA                        

"They call him the ""Drug Guy,"" but I call him medicine in motion. Jeff Albin is a certified chemical-dependency professional and a skilled wilderness survivalist with over 15 years experience. Growing through groups: Jeff is currently working in schools in southern Washington as an Intervention and Prevention Specialist where he uses play to set up group dynamics that foster personal growth. His games focus on essential skills that most educational curricula overlook. Early activities encourage healthy communication, dealing with conflict and how to ""refuse anything that doesn't feel physically and emotionally safe."" As a group of kids gets more cohesive, the games progress toward building trust and personal connections and the ability to ask for, receive and offer help freely to others. A sense of commitment and involvement develop as kids explore ways to find common ground and consensus. A highly functioning group becomes skilled at goal setting, planning, assessing risk and taking

responsibility. These factors build the kind of self confidence that can carry a kid successfully through life. As Jeff says, ""The mind is the tool we need to sharpen."" (from Kylie Loynd,Publisher: rewiev from: Changing the message in Education, by Jeff Albin)"

Name - Agyatmitra;       

Country - Pune, India

Language - English, Hindi, Marathi and a little bit of Tamil and Urdu          

Agyatmitra is an experiential educators working in this field for 12 years. As a Co-founder of PLAY(Peace Leadership And Young people) he is a Play for Peaceenthusiast sharing Play for Peace process with organizations in India workingto ensure child right and inclusive education for marginalized communities byconducting trainings for them. Agyatmitra is also an Experiential Educator facilitating program for organizationon a range of topics including team building, leadership, campus to corporate,understanding conflict, cultural diversity and ownership. Agyat has lead corporatetraining program for group size ranging from 10 to 200 participants.He has been the Lead Representative of Play for Peace in India for 6 years till 2008and has also worked in Israel for 8 months as volunteer of Jerusalem InternationalYMCA and Play for Peace ( He has done trainingsfor Peace Building and Conflict Transformation and Peace Education as member ofan International Network ASPBAE ( He has conducted trainingsin Play for Peace process in Vietnam, Thailand and for Peace education in Nepalfor participants from South East Asia. Agyat also worked as Campus Chief foroutdoor education programs run by Youreka in 2008-2009 mentoring facilitators andInstructors to run the program for children.Before starting to play and share cooperative gaming process of Play for Peace Agyathas written scripts for Television programs for 3 years and even earlier worked as asite-engineer for turn key projects for 2 years.Agyatmitra has done his Masters in Communication in 1997 from Pune Universityand BE Mechanical from NIT Durgapur in 1991.              

Why PFP - Because it works, or may be because it's all Play and no work!Because I have no reason to do anything else. Because I have a high Play quotient,because it helps me to connect with anyone irrespective of who they are, where theycome from, their color, language, looks. Because I have seen people transformingtheir life by finding their feet and being able to value the smiles they bring to children.

Name - Swati Bhatt

Country - Pune, India

Profession - Experiential Education, Play for Peace Mentor &Trainer, Documentary Film Maker.                               

Language - English, Hindi, Marathi, can understand spoken Gujrati and Bengali 

Swati Bhatt is an Experiential Educators working in this field for close to 14 years.She conducts training for youth, children and organizations across India as Co-Founder of PLAY(Peace Leadership And Young people). The trainings are aimed atenabling participants to work for inclusive education by understanding/learning Playfor Peace process and its application. Swati has been a visiting faculty for Master’sstudent of Communication Media in SNDT College, Pune. Play for Peace is now being seen as a process in India in development sector forwhich Swati has worked for last 12 years when she first led the pilot project ofPlay for Peace Global in Pune in 2000. This led to Play for Peace deciding to set upoperations in India in September of 2000 in Hyderabad. During this period she hasenabled hundreds of teachers, community facilitators and youth leaders in the use ofparticipatory processes. She has also worked as a campus chief, leading/mentoringa group of program and adventure skill leaders to facilitate summer programs forchildren in 2009-2010. Swati has worked internationally when she volunteered for Play for Peace in Israel for6 month conducting numerous workshops and trainings for children, youth, educatorsand activists from Arab and Jewish communities (2006). She also conductedworkshops in Nepal, Vietnam and Thailand.Swati started working in experiential education program 15 years back and has alsoco-facilitated outbound programs for team building, leadership for organizations.Swati has been a participant of 2 week long Women’s Leadership Program conductedby East-West Centre in Hawaii, USA in 2007.Swati has also made a 22 minute film “Khel se Mel” documenting the cooperativegaming process of Play for Peace and its application in marginalized communities fora project in 2010.She has also made a 2 part documentary on Experiential Education in 1997 andhas worked as a curriculum development Officer for a School Aanand Niketan inAhmedabad. She has a Masters in “Communication Media for Children” from SNDTWomen's University in Pune.  

Why PFP - Because of the firm believes that consistent play is a processof transformation. I have seen its magic across the cross section of humanity-everyage, any caste, any colour, any gender, and any social class. It has brought people together and got them to laugh with each other. That’s the power of Play for Peace that I have seen in past 12 years!


My name is Andrew and I am a coach Armas in Guatemala official international organization Play for Peace. About two weeks ago we were in a meeting to support the creation of a new social project in Antigua Guatemala promoted by Dr. Sherry Miller.
Dr. Miller has been known for several years to Play for Peace and the positive impact has been achieved in the recipients of the organizations that are part of our network so she kindly recommended us to contact him to inform our project.
For over 12 years Play for Peace has been a partner with institutions and organizations committed to social development in Guatemala, where I had the pleasure to share my knowledge and experiential trainer which related to the mission of Play for Peace contributed to the training or capacity building positive leadership of children, youth and adults for development and peace in Guatemala.
As a professional I have had the opportunity to work with my services for different projects of Youth and Community Development Cooperation, have also developed methods of training and consulting services to universities, international schools, businesses, churches, etc.. As a volunteer committed to create and maintain peace I have worked with institutions, communities or individuals who have applied my knowledge to strengthen their capacity to benefit people in leadership, violence prevention, development and peace groups.
I heard about your project and the goals you have for what I am writing to ask for time and space in his schedule to make a presentation experientially Play for Peace to his team and see the possibility of joining our methodology or process of training its project to strengthen the objectives you developed.
Fees for training groups of social projects 10 to 20, young adults, are Q750 a day per diem basis. This is a discount of 75% of my normal professional fees. You can work community leadership courses, inclusion, and promoting volunteerism in addition to train groups to participate in Network Play by Play for Peace and Peace Club.
Thank you very much, success and more success.